5 ways to Get Glowing Skin In 7 days| How to Glow you skin naturally

Best ways to Get Glowing skin naturally in 7 days how to :- In this world everyone wants to looks beautiful especially the girls and young boys but due to unhealthy diet plans they face not only fitness problem but also some Skin problem as well, As we all know that our face skin is the most sensitive part of our body because it’s very thin as compared to other. whenever a new baby born you can notice that the her/ his skin is too natural but day by day as we grow up we face many type of problem including dark circle, Dry and rough skin, there can be so many reason of these problem. Not only unhealthy diet plan effect your skin but due to overtime at night, or Less sleep at night could also be the reason of these problem,

whenever it come to Glowing skin we thought about use Cosmetic, and body location which can make our skin brighter for temporary but have you think that your skin can be natural in many ways out of which we are going to show you some treatment which will surely help you out.

How to get Glowing skin naturally

Turmeric Powder & Milk :-

how to get glowing skin

when it come to the most effect ways to glow your skin many home readies expert said that Turmeric power always helps us to glow our skin in better way, You can add some water to make a face pack on this but if you have dry skin then you use full toned milk in turmeric power. It is a antibacterial and Help us in maintain our fitness and Skin as well,

In Ayurveda turmeric is the main herb which not only recover our body from serious illness but helps out in many other ways as well, People who don’t know how to use it can also watch the video tutorial which we provide to you.

  • How to use it
  • Take 30 Gm Turmeric Powder in a bowl
  • Add some water in the power (for Normal skin)
  • Or Add Toned Milk in it for (Glowing skin)
  • Mix it well until it look like a paste
  • Then apply the turmeric powder at least for 1 Hour on skin
  • Wash your face with Normal water

You can apply it at least to 30 days for better result


2. Use Tomato Juice & Crud 


Third one which we recommend for better glowing skin is Tomato Juice, most people ignore this method and the result is that they still can’t make there skin glowing as then want to. Tomato contain 70 % of the water in it and a good source of Vitamin A, On the other hand Crud which we use normally in our diet can also be apply on skin, Crude is also a good source of Vitamin C. when we add both of them and mix them we found that Better result. Here are some tips for you so that you can use this on your skin.

  • How to use it
  • Take a crush & Grind Tomato Juice in bowl
  • Add 1/2 Crud in it and Mix both of them
  • wash your face with normal water
  • Then apply this mixture on it
  • Use this method for 3 days for better result

3. Aloe Vera Gel


The third best treatment which most people use for glowing skin is Aloe vera Gel, This jel can also be made at home. Only you need to have a aloe vera plant at your home, it is very easy to apply on your skin, Only you need to do is take leave of aloe vera and then use it’s on your face, I am sure you got benefit in less than 30 days

How to apply

  • Take On leave of Aloe vera and Squeeze it gel
  • Use the jel on your sensitive skin
  • Leave the aloe vera gel on your skin for 20 to 30 minutes
  • wash your face after half and hour for better result

Best ways to get Glowing skin, top 10

4. Change Your Diet plan


Most young boys and girls are impress with the bigger Bollywood celebrities but they don’t realize the real secret is not just Cosmetic or treatment but a healthy diet plan as well, The first think which you avoid is Oily food, we all know that oily food does’t help any of our body part but rather to leave it we eat much more diet as much as we can.

So for bot fitness and Diet plan you have to change Your diet plan, If you are lover of Ham burger, Chow mein then remember leave it today and try to eat food which contain Vitamin, Fibers and other

  • Consume less oily food
  • Eat More Vitamin and Fiber
  • Drink water to impress digression

5. Banana & Papaya Mixture


Both Banana and papaya are the top fruit which helps us in better way. usually people ignore both these food but in actual they seem to be helpful for our skin, Not only to use on skin but whenever you eat them it also feel much better than others,

  • Take Pulp of Banana & Papaya and Mix with little milk
  • Make a mixture and then apply it
  • Leave it overnight or at least for one hour
  • wash with cold water and get good results

So all these 5 method surely helps you in better way, Those who are want glowing skin naturally can regular apply this, These are also the best way to get glowing skin for men and women also. If you still have anything to know then you can comment below for more detail. Checkout more information about Best way to get glowing skin naturally at home.

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